IANTD Central America / Mexico HQ

IANTD Central America was founded in 2002.


This was a major turning point  in technical and cave training in Mexico and most all of Central America.  At this point and time in 2002 there was not any local  representation of any diving Agency, no instructor support, no logistical support, no material support and no certification processing in all of Latin America.  At this time IANTD Central America also provided a logistical base for gas mixing, rebreather training, cave exploration projects, filming, and diver education that was at the forefront of training world wide.  This opened the doors for generations of divers, instructors, and instructor trainers to come.       

IANTD Central America over the last 16 years has always been at the front of diver, instructor, and instructor training.  We have trained staff and crews from around world in Advanced Diving Techniques.


IANTD Central America since its beginning has supported multi agency education with our fellow cave and technical educational associations like NSS-CDS, NACD, PADI, NAUI and GUE.   

Today in 2018 IANTD Central America still stands out as the constant, stable, and most experienced presence in Mexico and Central America.  IANTD Central America continues to lead the way with 16 years of bases in Mexico and Central America.  IANTD Central America Instructor Trainers are the most experienced in the industry, not only locally but world wide.        

Get to know us @ IANTD Central America Licensee HQ

Scott Carnahan

Scott Carnahan  founded IANTD Central America in 2002, he continues as Director to run operations to this day.  He is an IANTD Instructor, Instructor Trainer, and ITT since 1997.  Scott holds  a USCG Masters Captain License, owns and operates a long range, diving, expedition live-aboard vessel, and is a Master Marine Surveyor.  In addition to his work in training all levels of diving, Scott works in Mexico and the USA as a Diving Safety Officer for the BBC, Nat Geo, Discovery Channel for caves, ocean diving, and predatory animals.


Michael Netto

Michael Netto is our IANTD Mexico and Central America Licensee Training Director.  Mike is originally from Brazil, but has been lived and worked in Mexico for nearly 15 years, and is one of the regions most experienced cave, technical, and rebreather instructors / ITs.  In addition to his dedication to technical and cave diving, Mike is also a Commercial ROV Pilot, factory ISC Technician and Instructor, and former commercial diver. 


Alberto Salvini

Alberto Salvini is our IANTD Mexico and Central American Licensee Membership Service Director.  Alberto and Barbara manage the bulk of our c-card printing located in Playa del Carmen.  In addition to the card printing Alberto always makes the time to lend a hand to explain admin or other issues.


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