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Bartosz Buszko


Tulum / Quintana Roo/ Mexico


+52 984 138 97 55



  • Member IANTD 2011

  • Member PADI 1997, TDI/SDI 2016


  • Instructor at IANTD, TDI, PADI





  • University of Warsaw Faculty of Mathemetics

  • University of Warsaw Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies

  • University of Warsaw Institute of International Relations



Diving Qualifications


  • CCR Cave Instructor IANTD

  • X CCR, Hammerhead CCR Instructor IANTD, TDI

  • Trimix Instructor IANTD, DSAT, TDI

  • Technical Cave , Adv. Cave Side Mount/No Mount, Stage/Multistage IANTD, TDI

  • Cave Surveying/Cave DPV Instructor TDI





IANTD: CCR Cave Instructor, Advanced Cave: SideMount / No Mount Instructor, Stage/Multistage Instructor, Technical Cave Instructor, Normoxic Trimix Instructor, Intro to Cave Instructor, Cavern Instructor, Advanced EANx Instructor, Advanced Recreational Trimix Instructor, Technical Diver Instructor, Essentials Diver Instructor, Hammerhead CCR Instructor,


TDI: CCR Hammerhead Air Diluent Instructor, X-CCR Air Diluent Instructor, X-CCR Air Diluent Decompression Instructor, X-CCR Helitrox Instructor, Stage Cave Instructor, Cave Sidemount Instructor, Advanced Cave Sidemount Instructor, Cave Surveying Instructor, Cave DPV Instructor, Full Cave Instructor, Trimix Instructor, Diver Propulsion Vehicle Instructor (DPV), Equipment Specialist Instructor, Computer Diver Instructor, Search and Recovery Diving Instructor, Underwater Video Instructor, Dry Suit Diving Instructor, Deep Diving Instructor, Underwater Navigation Diving Instructor, Night-Limited Visibility Diving Instructor, Wreck Instructor, Advanced Buoyancy Instructor, Marine EcoSystems Awareness Instructor, Intro To Tech Instructor, Intro to Cave Instructor, Open Water Scuba Diver Instructor, CPR1st Instructor, CPROX Instructor, CPROX1st AED Instructor, SDI Sidemount Instructor, Sidemount Instructor, Cavern Instructor, Computer Nitrox Instructor, Nitrox Instructor, Advanced Nitrox Instructor, Decompression Procedures Instructor, Nitrox Gas Blending Instructor, Advanced Gas Blending Instructor, Boat Diving Instructor, Underwater Digital Photography Instructor


PADI: Full Trimix Diver Instructor, Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Tec Rec Deep Instructor, Tec Rec Trimix Blender Instructor, Technical Rescue Instructor, Tec Sidemount Instructor, Cavern Instructor, Boat Instructor, Digital Underwater Photography Instructor, DPV Instructor, Equipment specialist Instructor, Multilevel Diver Instructor, Search & Recovery Instructor, Underwater videographer Instructor, Sidemount Instructor, Dry Suit Instructor, Deep Instructor, Enriched Air instructor, E O P Instructor, Underwater Navigator Instructor, Night Diver Instructor, Wreck Instructor, PPB Instructor, Project AWARE Instructor, AWARE Coral Reef Conserv. Instructor, Children w /AED Instructor, SMB Diver Instructor., Boat Instructor, EFR Instructor


Diving Experience


  • # Dives 3000 +

  • # Deco Dives 500+

  • # Mixed Gas Dives 500+

  • # Cave Dives 2000 +

  • # Exploration Dives 100 +

  • Director of Box Ki Sin Exploration Project

  • Exploration: Cenote Hecatomb, Cenote Endorfina, Cenote Box Ki Sin, Cenote, Earthquake




Box Ki Sin Mapping Project – Map of Box Ki Sin 2017 part 1



  • films

  • my dog

  • Cave Diving


Favorite Dives

  • I like Cave Diving

  • I like Deep Cave Diving

  • I like long cave dives

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